Buffalo Investment Canada

Buffalo Investment (CANADA) Ltd. is a Vancouver-based real estate developer with over 20 years of proven success focusing on premium developments on a global stage. Their integrated and transparent project methodology, blends selection of the industry’s highest ranked local architects, engineers, suppliers, project managers, and trade contractors. Led by real-estate guru Mr. William Wang, Buffalo is dedicated to building quality developments, in superior market locations, with long-term investment value.

Community Investment

At Buffalo Investment Canada, we invest in people and communities. It is important for our company to develop properties that are well connected and supported within the local network of Vancouver, so you and your family can truly integrate and become part of a thriving neighborhood. Happier families. Better communities. Healthier city.

Commitment to Excellence

Your home is one of your most important assets. That’s why to strive for excellence in every residential project built, managed, and funded by Buffalo Investments Canada. We believe in the continuous growth of the company through performing with professionalism and listening to customers’ feedback. Your opinion is important to us. Let us know how we can improve as a company and build a better future for our city.

Environment Sustainability

At Buffalo, we are committed to environmental causes. Our company makes the conscious effort to opt for eco-friendly materials and construction methods to ensure all our properties are developed in a clean, sustainable way that do not cause any harm to our environment.

Innovation and Design

As an established real estate development company, we are committed to invest in local talent to create radical, inventive designs that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes to our developments. We believe in the power of great design and its ability to improve the quality of life for our customers.


Buffalo Investment Canada management company since its inception by cooperation or independence, etc. have been successfully invested in a number of real estate projects. So far in the region has invested more than a dozen real estate projects, and achieved good investment income. With the experience of the real estate industry and the market is keen and accurate to judge, which bring the maximum profit to our partners.


In the field of real estate investment has been successful, the Buffalo Investment canada company will expand its business to the development of real estate projects. At present we have completed the most striking residential project in Vancouver West, Aperture Living. It is located on W 41st Avenue. The project is dominated by high-end residential apartments, near the Canada Line MRT line and convenient living facilities.

Buffalo Groups

As a proud collaborator of reputable local architects and engineering firms, the company has been gaining recognition in the Vancouver properties market as an up-and-coming luxury real estate developer. Buffalo’s latest condo development, APERTURE LIVING is located in the heart of the thriving community of Oakridge on 41st Avenue – just blocks away from Oakridge Mall and other amenities.

Featuring stunning, innovative architectural design by the award-winning Arno Matis Architecture(AMA), Aperture Living has received many accolades from design critics, local and international media alike for its innovative design and clever use of light.

Since the project commenced in 2012, Aperture Living has already sold 90% of all available apartment units and has received much interest and enthusiasm from the community. The project is currently under construction and is due to be completed in 2017.

The success of Aperture Living is a testament Buffalo’s aptitude in its craft. It is the company’s vision to continue developing innovative architectural designs for the local community, and building new iconic landmarks for Vancouver city through their residential properties.


Project development and objectives