Buffalo Group Canada

Since its establishment in 2010, Buffalo Investments Canada is a licensed, professional real estate development and investment firm based in the Greater Vancouver region.
As a proud collaborator of reputable local architects and engineering firms, the company has been gaining recognition in the Vancouver properties market as an up-and-coming luxury real estate developer. Buffalo’s latest condo development, APERTURE LIVING is located in the heart of the thriving community of Oakridge on 41st Avenue – just blocks away from Oakridge Mall and other amenities.
Featuring stunning, innovative architectural design by the award-winning Arno Matis Architecture (AMA), Aperture Living has received many accolades from design critics, local and international media alike for its innovative design and clever use of light.
Since the project commenced in 2012, Aperture Living has already sold 90% of all available apartment units and has received much interest and enthusiasm from the community. The project is currently under construction and is due to be completed in 2017.
The success of Aperture Living is a testament Buffalo’s aptitude in its craft. It is the company’s vision to continue developing innovative architectural designs for the local community, and building new iconic landmarks for Vancouver city through their residential properties.